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Let me take you through one scenario (you will start relating yourself right away after reading next few lines). I started watching one Blue Ray quality movie on my PS3 (or PS4) today. Everything was running smooth; I was enjoying each bit of it. But wait, what happened after about 20 minutes is “NO SOUND”. I thought there might be some problems with audio buds or with console itself. I tried fixing both but nothing worked actually.

I hope you can relate yourself with above scenario. It is one of the most common scenarios that a PS3 or PS4 user goes through. It all happens because of a program called “Cinavia. In the due course of this article, we will be covering various details about Cinavia and some prominent ways to fix it properly.

What is Cinavia Protection

Originally Cinavia was called Veranace Copy Management System for Audiovisual Content or better to say VCMS/AV. It was developed by Verance (work started in 1999 and got released in 2010). From 2012, Cinavia has become an integral part of all Blu Ray Players.

Over the years, Cinavia has managed to emerge out as a prominent solution for fixing piracy management framework. It has helped sources to sit relax about nothing getting pirated leaked over their shoulders. So it can be considered as one of the biggest evolution in Blu-ray world.

Talking in simple language, then it is a program that operates to null any illegal distribution of original content over Blu-ray platform.

It is quite different that other software’s in same league. What it does is a two way multi step function that protects the original data/volume from any sort of illicit use. First step is all about recognizing the sound codes that comes directly from the original manufacturer. If first step fails (matching of sound vocals) then second step is about instructing the machine to stop PS from any further use of that particular volume. You will get lags in graphics and will also get various errors in form of popups that will eventually force you to stop that particular volume on your PlayStation.

How to fix Cinavia in PS3/PS4

Let me tell you frankly, it can be a risky process so please proceed further if you are ready for the risk (not that risky also, I have fixed it successfully in several PlayStations, so according to me this risk is worth taking and will not hamper your console). This risk applies to the manual process that is a temporary fix only (don’t worry I will guide you about permanent fix also that is complete safe and 100% successful at the same time).

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Please use below steps to fix Cinavia:

When your sound mutes and you start getting those popups (warnings), go to PS Settings>>Date/Time Configuration>>Set Manually. Now simply forward it by one day. Although it works but as I said above it is not a permanent fix. It works for max of 20 minutes at one time and you will have to repeat the same after every 20 minute.

If you are comfortable with it then no issue or otherwise if you want to go stable and towards a permanent solution then you can try below product:

It is an awesome product that comes with 90 days money back guaranty and performs all the tweaks without voiding the PlayStation’s warranty. It works with all type of Cinavia Message Code 1,2,3 or 4 even. So I will highly recommend you to use this product as it works in actual and is complete safe.

I will prefer you to watch this video (product review) that will help you understanding the Cinavia from root:

Reference that the girl is talking about in above video is shifted to the product that I have recommended above so please don't get confused.

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