Various Cinavia Codes and ways to fix them


Cinavia is the technology that prevents your PlayStation from playing any copyrighted video or better to say pirated ones. Although it is very correctly written program but as nothing is 100% efficient so same applies for Cinavia program as well. Sometimes Cinavia disables you from enjoying original content even (we have heard it from some users). So what can be done in that case? How to fix Cinavia then? We will answer all such questions here.

How Cinavia identifies original and pirated versions?

Cinavia code is present in the audio track of the video that you play. Cinavia code is written to identify that Cinavia watermark in the audio of particular video. As soon as Cinavia watermark is identified by the program, audio is unmuted and screen starts popping out continuous warnings with various Cinavia messages. Now let we move to the meaning of Cinavia Message Codes.

Cinavia Message Codes with meaning

There are generally 4 types of Cinavia error codes.

Message Code 1: Playback stopped
This error is related to Playback stopped error. It pops up out as “Cinavia™ playback restriction (1).” You can read about it more here.

Message Code 2: Copying stopped
Cinavia Message Code 2 is about stopping copying of the Cinavia protected disk on to the decoder. This error does not let your PS console copy the codes any more to pay area as a virtue of which your console stops showing the video and starts popping message as “Cinavia™ copy restriction (2)”. Read more about it here.

Cinavia Message Code 3: Audio muted
Cinavia Error Code 3 is one of the big concerns over time. It is among the most popular and frequent/usual Cinavia error codes that most of the PlayStation user experiences. You get message like “Cinavia™ playback restriction (3)” with a nice explanation that reads something like “the audio track contains Cinavia code that indicates unauthorized copy of professionally produced work” (explanation can vary). This is all about Cinavia Message Code 3 which stops/unmutes the audio in video and eventually shuts it down completely. Although it is hard to tackle/bypass Cinavia Message Code 3 in PS but still there are some ways to fix it permanently.

Message Code 4: Copying stopped
It is similar to Message Code 2 and pops up message like “Cinavia™ copy restriction (4)”. You can read about it more here.

Ways to fix Cinavia Message Codes

If you think Cinavia has hit your disk mistakenly and you are using original content or you are getting Cinavia warnings/messages on some home produced video (that contain some copyrighted stuff) then you can try following ways to fix these codes.

If you are using some professional video (let say some TV show or a movie) then you should ask the original owner to provide a copyrighted permission video that does not have any Cinavia codes installed inside (I know it will work in very rare cases). Keep reading until end, you will get a definite solution about fixing this issue.

If you are making a copy of some home produced video that contain some professionally (Cinavia protected) produced stuff then you can avoid the issue by copying only that content where Cinavia is not used. Again, it is something very tough and most of us will not be able to find/perform such things.

So is there no prominent solution to Cinavia PS3 Messages/Errors? There are some working methods to bypass these errors. Let me share one that I am using personally.

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