How to fix Cinavia on Blu-Ray Discs


Cinavia is among the best solutions that help keeping the piracy level controlled with its analog watermarking and stenography system. Cinavia works with the audio code in any Blu-Ray disc i.e. it stays within the audio signals and checks for the authentication based on device id’s. A watermark is added to audio part of the disc which includes the device ID information for which that particular copy is issued. Now if you are trying to play that particular Blu-Ray disc on some other device (which is not authorized for that watermark) then your video player will start giving warnings in form of Cinavia Messages as soon as it reads the watermark part. This is the sole logic on which Cinavia works.

Fix Cinavia on Blu-Ray Players

In most of the cases, you will get errors related to audio streaming which indicates that reader has read some protected/unauthorized codes on the Blu-Ray disc. Removing or cracking Cinavia Protection for Blu Ray Discs is hard but it is not difficult at all (once you get the logic, you will be able to do it in minutes for sure).

How to fix Cinavia Codes on Blu Ray Discs

Follow below guide to remove Cinavia from Blu Ray Discs:

1. Download the Cinavia Fix product from here

2. Install the software properly (every information is well explained in the FAQs part and you will not find any difficulties here, in case you have some queries, you can anytime ask them here).

3. After installing the software properly, run the Blu-Ray disc through it. It will automatically detect the audio code that is causing the Cinavia Error and will fix that permanently.

This is how simple you can install Cinavia Fix Tool and can use that to resolve Cinavia problem on Blu-Ray discs.

Cinavia Fix Tool for Blu Ray Discs/Player: Review

I have used 3 Cinavia Fix tools so far (1 free and 2 paid tools). I will not discuss the free tool here as that was not worth at all and literally damaged my gaming disc twice (I tried that for Sony PS3). Tool that I have recommended above is the best one that I have used so far.

It comes with below features:

• Complete Cinavia Protection

• Besides Blu-Ray discs, it can be used with any version of Sony PlayStation and can be used for any movie (both on Blu-Ray as well as PS)

• No damage to warranty as It do not jail break anything

• Works with everything, be it Samsung, PlayStation or any other vendor

• Complete guides with step by step graphical explanation

• Free YLOD kit (it is one of the most useful product for PlayStation users)

• Lowest cost. This is the cheapest Cinavia Fix tool that I have found so far (please leave the free products aside as they are really not worth anything)

This is all from my end. Do try this tool and let me know if you are stuck anywhere and need guidance.

PS: If you want to try out free Cinavia fix tools then you are most welcome but please don’t try them on expensive discs as they have always bricked my CD’s so I will never recommend you to use them (even on cheap discs).

Check out the video for Cinavia Fix:


  1. Fixed for my Samsung device. Thanks for suggestion

  2. Fixed 2 movies. Thanks

  3. Worked like charm. Best product for fixing Cinavia <3

  4. didnt work on my sony bdp-s185 bkuray player :-(

  5. work with Samsung BD-J5500??? .thx

  6. Class action law suit?? I have been getting this on several original DVDs in a blue ray player. We shouldn't have to mess with this, this is not what we paid for. We paid to watch professionally produced movies. Without the disc, telling the machine, that we can't watch it.

    1. Bought sing at walmart. Brand new samsung blueray player from best buy. Mutes!!! Wtf