How to fix Cinavia Message Code 3


Got Cinavia Message Code 3 error while playing some video on your PS3/PS4 ad now looking for its solution? If yes then you are at right spot as here we will discuss every detail about what Cinavia Message Code 3 means, how it appears and how to bypass/fix it permanently. It is among the most common Cinavia Messages that gamers faces with both PS3 as well as PS4.

Cinavia Message code 3 is not alone in the list, it is accompanied by other errors codes like Cinavia Message Code 1 and Message Code 2,4 also.

What is Cinavia Message Code 3 and how it comes

Message Code 3 is all about identifying and stopping/muting the audio of video disk. Actually every unauthenticated disk comes with a Cinavia protected watermark that is embedded with the audio buffers of the disk. As soon as your disk reads that Cinavia protection code, it automatically mutes the volume and starts giving warnings/errors related to message 3 on the screen. These errors will pop up for some time and after that your screen will turn black completely (in most of the cases).

You will get message with below meaning (exact text can be something different, but meaning will be similar):

Audio output is blocked temporarily and please do not adjust the playback volume. The content that you are currently trying to read/play from this disk is not authorized to be used on the same. At the end, you will something like “Cinavia™ playback restriction (3)”.

If you are facing any such issues then it clearly means that your PS has come across Cinavia problem and now you need to fix it on your own.

How to remove Cinavia Message Code 3

I have seen people getting trapped by some short term techniques like changing the timestamp of PS console or something like but friends these are very short term in nature and will require you to change timestamp every time the disk reads a Cinavia watermark code.

According to me you should avoid any such short time Cinavia solution as it can affect your PlayStation in a bad way. I have personally used one Cinavia fix product that acts as a permanent solution to fix Cinavia at minimal cost of $29.

Have a look at this product here:

I know you are in doubt whether to go for it or not (I was too in doubt when I was about to try it for my PS3. Luckily I went for this product and it fixed Cinavia on my PS3 like anything. This gave me enough confidence to try it on PS4 and boom, it worked for PS4 as well). So please try t once as if you are not satisfied by its services then you can ask for money back within 60 days duration.

Moreover they are providing free YLOD kit for all the customers who will buy this Cinavia fix guide these days. So please don’t miss the chances to protect your PS3/PS4 from all sort of PS bugs like YLOD, RLOD and Cinavia.

Check Video Tutorial to fix Cinavia Message Code 3:


  1. It worked. Video playing flawlessly. Worth buying.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Retarded!!! Why I am I having to buy this on a perfectly good working system. I think this is all a scam!!!!

    1. It worked for me. Don't think it is a scam.

      Try it once. You will thank me then.


  3. Finally something worked. Thanku :)

  4. My DVD player keep saying it's muted, so what I do

  5. It keep said muted what to do

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