How to fix Cinavia Message Code 2,4


Cinavia Message Code 2 and 4 are kind of similar warning that arises because of copyrights issues. If you read both the warnings then you will find almost same warnings written over both of them. Fortunately both can be fixed using one same tool/procedure and that is the only reason why I am sharing the fixing/bypass tutorial for both these Cinavia codes in PS3 and PS4 here in one tutorial itself.

Cinavia Message Code 2 reads, “Copying Stopped. The content you are watching is protected by Cinavia and you don’t have the permission to copy it further.” Please not that exact warning message can be little different but the meaning conveyed will be same as one that I just shared above.
Cinavia Message Code 4 reads, “Copying Stopped. Content is protected by Cinavia and your device is not authorized to copy it anymore.”

So from the error codes message you can see that both the message 2 and 4 lies somewhere in same category so we will now see how to fix them with one single tutorial.

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Fix Cinavia Codes/Messages 2 and 4

Before talking about fixing both the errors let we have a quick look at how they appear inside your PS3/PS4 video. Cinavia is a protection that is embedded as watermark in audio track of the disk. In usual cases these watermarks are added after each 20-25 minutes interval. Video players are now deigned in a way to read those Cinavia watermark also. So as soon as player reads those specially designed watermarks, it hints the console about something fishy being played over and either mutes the sound or starts popping out warning messages all over the screen (sometimes you will get both the errors i.e. warning and sound mute also).

Coming to the fix then I have fixed all Cinavia warnings in both my PS3 and PS4 using one single product only. Check below product:

Using this product only I have fixed various Cinavia message codes for my PlayStation3 and 4 versions. I am not sure about other devices but it works awesome with all PlayStation consoles. It comes preloaded with all the required tools, case studies, testimonials etc that will help you with step by step guide about how to resolve or bypass Cinavia protection in your PS3/PS4.

It will cost you around $29 bucks only and if you buy it now then you will get assured YLOD repair kit for free (sometimes YLOD kit costs more than $30 also). So don’t let go this offer and claim your Cinavia + YLOD repair guide right now.

You will get 60 days money back guarantee that shows the confidence of developers in this product. I know you might be in dilemma whether to buy this Cinavia fix or not but friends believe me if you are looking for Cinavia fix in your PS3 or PS4 then this is the best deal ever and you will not find any such deal anywhere else.

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