How to fix Cinavia Message Code 1


Cinavia is a protection or better to say DRM kind of thing (DRM means Digital Rights Management) that limits the unauthorized use of audio-video content on Blu Ray devices and Sony PlayStations. I have heard a lot from PlayStation users (both PS3 and PS4) about getting Cinavia errors on their consoles.

Cinavia is a popular software that is used at the time of movie release at theaters (although the audio watermark is different there from the one we have in PlayStation world). Its implementation was started in 2009 and today it has become an integral part of the entire industry.

Here we will be discussing about Cinavia Message Code 1, why it comes and how to fix it permanently.

What is mean by Cinavia Message Code 1

Cinavia Message Code 1 comes with “Playback Stopped” error and it does exactly same i.e. it stops the playback of your video and you are no more able to watch your favorite videos anymore. You will also get one proper explanation like which will state something like “This audio sample comes with Cinavia audio watermark and is allowed to be used through special equipment only”. It means that you won’t be able to use it anymore on your device and for doing so you will have to go for a version that does not have Cinavia watermark inside audio and it is possible with genuine sources only.

So how can you bypass Cinavia in your PS3 or PS4? Is there any way left? Yes, of course there is a way that can help you with fixing Cinavia error in your PlayStation3 and 4. I have used it with both my PS3 as well as PS4 variants and it has worked with both the consoles well (this is the only reason I am recommending this way).

Fix Cinavia Message Code 1 Error in PS3, PS4

You can fix this error code 1 by either skipping the watermarked content or by using a software (which I am using now). Skipping the watermarked content is not easy and requires perfection (almost impossible, I have tried it many times but no luck). Check out this product that I am using to fix Cinavia on my PS3 and PS4:

It comes with 60 days money back guarantee that shows the confidence of developers towards it and believe me, it is worth every single penny and you will enjoy it a lot.

If you buy it right now then you will get free YLOD Repair kit as an add-on which is awesome. So don’t wait any further, go buy this product and fix all your PS3/PS4 related problems on your own (be in YLOD/RLOD or Cinavia).

Reasons why I love Cinavia Tool for Fixing Error Message/Code 1

Earlier I had few doubts and was hesitate about whether to buy it or not. I made a decision with half heart (later it turned out to be best decision as far as my PlayStation journey is concerned) and bought Cinavia tool. They gave me complete guide (step by step explianed with clear images) with other softwares. As bonus, I got YLOD Fix Tool (you will get that as well) which has helped me out with both PS3 and PS4. Below are some points why I love this tool and highly recommed it to any vivid/noob (like me) PlayStation Gamer:

• It work with all movies

• 90 days money back guarantee

• Minimal cost

• YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) Kit as bonus which is very common in PlayStation and PS Service Centers usually charges up to $250 for fixing YLOD affected kits. I have repaired both my PS3 and PS4 with this kit so I know its worth.

• Works with all OS (be it Windows, Mac, Linux or anything)

• Supports all media format

• many more (I bet you will explore them yourself)

If you want to know more about how it helped me, you can read my review here: Review: Best Cinavia Fix Tool

TIP: Please don't hesitate buying this Cinavia kit. Believe me it will help you a lot in your entire PlayStation journey. It will provide overall protection from most common PS bugs (Cinavia, YLOD, RLOD etc) and will save lot of bucks in long run.

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  1. To my surprise, it helped actually. I was literally about to throw my PS3 away as it was showing Cinavia most of the times. Thanks to you, I am able to watch movies without interruption now.

    Would suggest it to everyone.

  2. Worked for me as well. Just the initial cost and it covers it very soon (I watched 8 Cinavia blocked moves till now :P ). Worth buy. Thanks!

  3. Worked here in USA. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Me too have fixed Cinavia with the tool you suggested. Till now I have tried it on 3 movies, worked every time.

    I am from Canada, which means it is working in Canada also.

  5. Worked in Australia also.

    Thanks for the suggestion and recommending it. finally something worked for me, i was trying for like 4+ months now

  6. Fast forward to the end of the movie, pause. Change the date one year ahead. Then play, rewind back to the beginning. Yw.

    1. Fast forwrading method not working, please elaborate more

  7. Looks interesting. Let me try it now. I will share my experience soon.

    1. Let me share my experience now. I bought it yesterday after getting Cinavia error on one pf the movie. Like all (I believe) I tried free ways but they are very frustrating and doesn't seem to work at all.

      Instructions and how to use stuff is written clearly inside the guide that you will get after buying this product. It is simple to use and doe not require one to be geek (I am not geek by the way). Tried removing Cinavia as per the instructions mentioned inside.

      Don't know why but it was not removed in first attempt. So tried for the second time. After repeating the procedure for second time, Cinavia restrictions were removed (may be I was doing something wrong first time).

      Would recommend it to all who are facing Cianvia issue. One time solution..!

      PS: I am subscribing to this email chain so in case you have any doubts or want to know more then please comment here. I will get back to you asap.

  8. What's the recurring billing amount and for how long?