How to fix Cinavia in PS4


I know the feeling when we are watching some movie on Sony PlayStation 4 and suddenly everything becomes mute and console starts giving some error messages related to Cinavia. If you are here then there are high chances that you have received such scenarios with your PS4 and are now looking for some permanent solution about the same.

If you are hearing the Cinavia word first time then I will suggest you to read this article:

What Cinavia means and how to bypass it

This problem is not new for PS users. If you have ever tried gaming (or better to say movie) on PS3 then you might have encountered this issue. It pops up every time you try to watch some movie that doesn’t come from the original sources. In simple words, Cinavia is a protection against spam and piracy which is very advance in technique and coding. It is really hard to surpass Cinavia (and I will not suggest to do anything like this) but sometimes it becomes necessary to bypass it for some specific task.

If you are sick with Cinavia on PS3 then do read the ways to fix Cinavia on PS3. Here I have covered free as well as paid ways to fix Cinavia easily on PlayStation 3.

Now coming back to the main topic i.e. Cinavia in PS4. So let’s check out how to fix it immediately.

Fix Cinavia issue in Sony PS4

Fortunately I am among those lucky person who have fixed Cinavia in both PS3 as well as in PS4 and that too with the same product. I have used below product for fixing Cinavia related issues my PS4 gaming console. Do have a look at it:

As I had already tried it on my PS3 so I was fully assured by its services and quality. But if you are hearing it for the first time and are worried about $25-$30 bucks (it is a paid software) then let me assure you about it. It is worth each single penny and you will never feel bad about it. I too have same doubts when I was about to use it for PS3 but once I used it on previous PS version, I was fully sure about it and used it on my PS4 without any second doubt in my mind.

This product includes various case studies, tutorials and software that will help you with fixing or bypassing Cinavia protection in PS4.
For limited time you will get a complete YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) repair kit absolutely free for usual price. I highly recommend you to buy this Cinavia + YLOD protection kit combo right now (YLOD kit itself measures more than $30 sometimes) as it will cover all your PS$ related problems in one go.

Do let me know if you need my help on anything.

Check: How to fix Cinavia in PS3


  1. I am Andrew from USA. I tried this product after your suggestion. Thanks a lot for suggesting it as it has helped me several times with Cinavia bypass and once with Yellow Lights issue.

    Would recommend it to all PlayStation gamers. It is a must have tool in the entire kit.



  2. Wow, it worked..

    Thanks for solving Cinavia on my PS4

  3. Let me share my experience. Everything was working fine till 3 months ago. I was able to watch everything smoothly on my PS4. One day I got Cinavia Message 3 (audio unmuted) warning while watching one of my favorite movie (I had already watched that movie on same PS4 twice before but never received Cinavia error). Googled it and tried few free alternatives (changing time and all) but none worked :(

    Read about Cinavia bypass error, was in dilemma but decided to buy the product that you are recommending here. It turned out to be one of the best decision so far in my journey with PlayStation.

    I am able to watch same movie without any Cinavia popups again now. Thanks a lot for fixing Cinavia for my PS4 console.

  4. Kudos to team, fixed cinavia in first attempt. Thanks friend

  5. worked for me also :)